Friday, January 30, 2009

Strange but true things

Well, I thought of two more interesting facts about myself that may make me seem even more weird to the general public. Actually I thought of about 5 more last night, right as I went to bed. I told myself to get up and write them down, but alas I did not, and now I have forgotten them :)

* I hate jokes. This makes me seem prudish, but I am not. I love to laugh, but for some reason I.hate.jokes. I think it's because my aunt used to tell *the* worst joke (sometimes more than 1) every time you saw her. Yep. Jokes. Can't stand em. I actually get pissed when people tell them. Eek.

*I think that not only is daylight savings time a sham, it's a waste of time, inevitably taking hours from your life over the long run, only to give them back 6 months later. Sort of. I hate daylight savings time. Just pick a freaking time and stay with the crap! I know why they do it, I just still think it's stupid. I often wonder what the states do that don't ever participate- I think it's IL or IN, and AZ? It's 2 states I think. What do you do if you live right on the state line and work in the neighboring state, and have to attempt to get ready for work on the other states time? This troubles me. Or more so, just confuses the crap out of me. I think they should do away with daylight savings.


I had the craziest dreams the last two nights. Just absolutely wacked out! One of them involved the need-to-know-too-much mortgage lady calling our house and asking for an explination as to why we had a dead mouse in our house that we lived in in 2005, and what we did to dispose of it. She needed to know the information for our mortgage papers. HA

It at least made me wake up giggling, along with the fact that husband decided to serenade me with "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry. I could have done without that at 7:30am. But I could totally see the mortgage lady doing that thing about the mouse. It's getting that ridiculous. As a side note, we did actually have a mouse in the house when we lived one place in 2005. It was in a wooded area, and the house went all summer un-rented. Fun times. Me, standing up ON the arm of the couch, and husband running around with a ski pole threatening to kill the mouse. Once I realized he was going to beat him to a pulp, I made him catch the mouse in a big box, and drive him about 5 miles down the road and let him out ;)

I sent daughter back to school today. She's still got a yucky cough, but I'm hoping it was just from the weather change when she went to WV last weekend with husband. I'm going to give her a couple more days before I take her to the doctor. Ugh. Doctors.

Son's face is still healing quite nicely. He for some reason *hates* me putting Neosporin on his cheek, so I have to sneak to do it, but it gets done :) Today I have plans of being utterly boring, cleaning up the house and doing laundry all day since we're having company for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I'm rooting for the Cardinals by default, because I don't enjoy either team. I also don't enjoy the fact that I am only 2hrs 45min from said Superbowl, and will not be there. Maybe next year in Miami.Because I just have 5 grand laying around to blow on $100 face value tickets you know ;) Ugh.

It is nice to have company though. A small reminder that people actually *do* like us! I've met a lot more moms online since I joined the new forum, and hopefully we'll have a playdate set up soon. So if I don't accomplish anything else on my pseudo-resolutions that I made, then at least I am taking care of the socialization part. ;)


Bridgett said...

~ I hate lame jokes too.
~ I also think daylight savings is dumb.
~ I'm rooting for the Cardinals by default. I hate the Steelers.
~ I'm giggling about the mouse dream. :)

Catch ya later!

Oh, and I don't mind if you link to my blog at all. :)

Sarahlcc♥ said...

I'm with you on the daylight savings time thing ~ it really really really irritates me! Throws off my entire routine!