Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mi casa

Ok yeah, I don't speak Spanish. I should though, living here in FL. Anyhow, my lovely title is a nod to the fact that we may soon be purchasing a house. Wooha!

Well, maybe I'm ahead of myself.

What I should say is that we finally have the loan approval in place, we know the amount, and now we can begin looking in that range and see what comes of it. Our original plan was to build here, but now we are thinking that we may buy a foreclosure. Our subdivision has about 1000 houses in it (I am estimating- husband says around 700some, I think closer to 1200, so I'm going for the mid-range), so foreclosures are a plenty. Most of them are in great shape and really pretty. We will be downgrading in size probably, but that's ok. Right now we are in 3400sqft and it's kicking my tail to keep it clean. I could use a down size :) So we're thinking downgrade in size, upgrade the house we move into, and then re-sell in a few years and move to the gated community next to us.

I have to say, that really owning a home has never been in my dreams. Husband has a big dream of a place to call our own, and I can understand that. No surprise pop-ins, no pre-authorizations to paint a room when we want, none of that. It sucks to have paid so much in rent too. But,owning a house isn't something I've strived for, it's just a bonus if it happens.

Anyway. Nothing else exciting to report on the home front. Daughter went to her first sleep over which was a success and she had lots of fun. Of course having only one kid for the night could have been peaceful, until son somehow managed to get to the ledge on the shower, take out my brand new razor, and cut his finger. Nothing serious, but he must have sensed that it was going to be a nice quiet evening. He's *never* done that before, but you know boys, they can be surprising. So I guess he grew 3in overnight, and it's time to put those elsewhere. Bad mommy!

Other than that, the weekend has been calm. I *finally* went through all of the kids toys. I ended up with 4 huge totes, and 7 garbage bags of stuff to get rid of! It's amazing! In addition to that, it meant that we could finally unpack all of the Christmas stuff that the family mailed down, thus now a whole new mess was formed. Add that to the fact that a wild hair possessed me to redecorate daughters room, and ahhh...another weekend of house cleaning!!

Monday? Time for Wii Fit. Oh no wait, Monday is a holiday and husband and kids will be wild around the house.

Tuesday ? Time for Wii Fit. Promise!


Bridgett said...

Congratulations on the house! I do hope you're able to find that perfect something for your family.

I still dream of owning my own home and now is certainly the time to buy with all these foreclosures!

Keep us updated. :)


MrsSoersdal said...

I am SO jealous