Friday, January 30, 2009

A nice, rainy, dull, uneventful day

Ok. So, nothing exciting happened around here today, and I enjoy that. A lot. Some days, too much stuff happens, and I'm all "why does so much stuff happen", so I like when stuff doesn't happen. Make sense? ;) The highlight of my day was going to the store by myself. Because it was by. my. self. I drove semi-erratically, sang off tune at the top of my lungs, and took my time through the store, because damn it sometimes I'm entitled to do all of those things :P

I have nothing interesting to talk about, so I'm going to steal an idea from another blog that I follow, and tell you some things about myself. Prepare to be bored to tears :)

* My favorite color is pink
*When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian. When I started thinking about how animals couldn't tell you what was wrong, I switched to nursing.
*I have near-constant dialogue with myself, in my head. I hope that doesn't make me crazy.
*I was never a small town girl. I was just stuck there for 25 years ;)
*I have the eating habits of an overly picky 5 year old. So not joking on this one.
*I am overly organized. Like borderline OCD. Things have to be put just-so, in the right place, turned the right direction, and if you move them, I WILL know. ;)
*I am a shopping addict- way too expensive jeans, shoes, and purses. And makeup. Oh and shirts. Oh and...
*I have this overwhelming feeling of "Oh No" when I walk into a bathroom in someone else's home and the toilet lid is down. Because I think that someone has pooped in there and not flushed for whatever reason. Yeah, I know that's weird.
*I watch way more "reality tv" than "real tv" like the news and stuff. I hate the news.
*I don't read the newspaper
*I'm actually really smart, and really good at writing. I have lots of common sense.
*Those are about the only nice things I will admit about myself. Now if I just could find a work at home job that required only those 3 qualifications ;)
*If I didn't have kids, I think I would be a travel nurse. I never seem content in one place for long.
*I am a makeup wearing, teeny bopper music loving, Louis Vuitton carrying, pink wearing, pro-football watching (go Cowboys!), NASCAR loving girl ;) So you can't call me a priss, OR a redneck ;)

That's all for now :)


Karla said...

You're my favorite kind of redneck! :) Happy days!

Bridgett said...

You're an eclectic mix...and that's a good thing! In ways, I am too...although I tend to lean more towards the designer bag category than the NASCAR one. LOL

I do love football though!

Writing...ahhh...if only it were easy to find writing jobs. That's my ideal.

Maybe we should start our own on-line paper...reviewing shoes, bags, make-up, hair products, clothes, CD's, movies...that would be fun! LOL

Great list too!

I'm mildly OCD as husband is always laughing at me about this.



Sarahlcc♥ said...

"stuck in the country for 25 years" I get that part! :-)