Sunday, January 25, 2009

On the road to recovery

Well as it usually goes after a big streak of things beating me down, it's starting to look up again. I am SO thankful that son is not bothered by his stitches, and hasn't messed with them hardly at all. His eye has gone through the many phases of brusing- the sides are yellowish and almost healed, the top part is still pretty much black and blue. But, his cheek looks pretty good. I am certain that he will have a scar, but hopefully one that he will mostly grow out of. He still runs warp speed down the hall just as he was doing the night of "the incident" , so I am constantly saying "Slow down! Slow down!". He's not slowing down though ;) At any rate, he can trade scar stories with daddy when he's older, since daddy too has a scar on his eye from a lovely meet with a tree while skiing in high school ;) We go tomorrow for stitch removal.

My computer is still deathly ill, so I've resorted to using an older laptop that is very slow, and also has a bright (I mean almost neon) blue strip that runs down the middle of it, but it works, and I can still see through the strip and that is what matters. I will probably have to get my dad to fix the other one.

We won't begin to talk about the laundry- hey at least it's all clean now. AND I fixed my Wii! Who knows what was wrong with it, but after I unplugged it for about 5min, it was fine. Once I get over this HORRENDOUS back ache, I will be back to my promised every other day workout.

We finally got all of the loan papers through for house hunting, and we should know by Friday if we get approved or not. Which that in itself is amazing, given the run around we have been given by our mortgage lady. Once we get that preapproval then we can finally work on putting in bids on houses and hopefully timing it just right. We would like to close around April (end) so that we have about a month to get the places cleaned and painted, and be completely moved in when our lease is up here on June 15th. We spent all last summer moving (twice!) and would prefer not to do that again.

Husband got a new(ish) car- still used, same year as his other (2003), but a LOT less miles and in much better shape. And free, thanks to a mother and father (his) that own a body shop and can get wrecked stuff cheap and repair it cheap too :) The "lima bean" is gone, and replaced with a Z24 Cavalier- much more manly than the Lima (a VERY green Hyundai), and the best part is that is has air conditioning and a radio- probably two of husbands favorite qualities in a car since it gets hot as Haiti here in the summer, and he has a 40min drive to work everyday :)

Other than that, I am still trying to regroup from what ever illness has stricken me. Kidney infection? Mono? I have NO idea, but I've got to get to the doctor this week. I've spent the last 4 days on the heating pad and I am just out of it, and SO exhausted. I hate going to doctors, but it seems like the more I say that, the more I end up going. Ugh!

But, things are looking up for the most part, and it's about time :) We have a night to ourselves in a couple of weeks, MIL will be here to visit and we're going to the NASCAR race in Daytona. Call me redneck if youl will ;) Yes a girl can love her makeup, Louis Vuitton and NASCAR all at once. Just call me versatile ;)


Bridgett said...

Glad things are looking up. :)

And I do hope you're feeling better soon.

I have to say though, I'm from WV...I love designer bags, lip gloss, and shoes...but I don't love NASCAR at all! You are versatile. LOL

Give me college football anyday! ;)


Karla said...

I'm happy to hear you on the Up! Now you just have to get yourself feeling better. Keeping everything crossed...and a girl has to be versatile. Mix it up...keep things interesting. :)