Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smell, Swirl, Swish, Repeat

I went to the wine tasting last night. It's really funny how things appear in my mind and how they actually are sometimes. I expected going into this really ritzy room, and people who were wearing ridiculous amounts of jewelry and some snooty man saying "and now we are tasting a delicious Cabernet", etc etc. And everyone swirls it, smells it, and swishes it, and all of those things that you are supposed to do, while I pretend to take a sip and then spit it back out into my glass in disgust.
It actually turned out to be this really trendy-ish restaurant with a small local band playing. You gave your donation at the door, and they gave you a wrist band. Then from there, you just went to the bar and told them what wine you wanted, as often as you wanted it for the hour and a half. So it turned out to be really crowded, but really low key. Not to mention some drunks because it was a free for all on the wine. They had the wine on tap too, sort of, which I found to be very neat. It was so nice to have some actual adult conversation.The only downside is that the girl that drove, could not. I was soooo carsick by the time we got there, and then even worse by the time I got home. It's been foggy as crap here in FL the past few nights, and that made it even worse because she couldn't see, and I had nothing to focus on. Thankfully I never actually got sick, but I ended up with a bad headache that then made me nauseated. Oh it was terrible! We were home by 9:30, and I ended up on the couch by 3am, so in pain I thought I was going to have to drive myself to the hospital, and I don't know how, or if ,I would have made it. Smart of me, to be out of my migraine prescription. Reaalll smart. I eventually wandered back downstairs and took a Benadryl so that I could get rid of the nausea. So that knocked me out and I finally was rid of it by this morning. I think if we go out again, I will volunteer to drive ;o) I probably should also mention that I decided to not drink the wine, and opted for White Russians instead. And the cause? Raising money to find a place/build a children's museum in St Augustine. So I felt good about giving my money for that obviously :)
In other news, we are almost certain that we have been denied a home loan. Honestly, I think our mortgage lady is so freaking shoddy that part of the blame lies on her. Yes, about 80% of that is our fault- our credit- but she is non-responsive, and SO freaking nosy. I think the only things left that she doesn't know about me is my bra size and date of my last menstrual cycle.
I'm honestly not that upset. Like I said before, owning a home isn't something I feel like I have to do right now in life. I was the one that was all for waiting another year. My Jeep will be paid off, and we will be in so much better of a position to buy. By then we may even be able to build if there are still lots left here. That would be much better. It would be mine, how I want it, ready to move in, and new. I enjoy these thoughts :) So in keeping with her usual business ethic, for now the answer isn't no, but it's "they don't really want to do it". I wish we just knew something- anything. I kind of feel like this lady thinks she has a lot more power than she really does, and I really just want to fire her from helping us, and move along. Move along! Poor husband wants a house so bad that he's just impatiently waiting. If I had communication with her, I would have already dealt out about 50 eye rolls, 20 "Oh no you didn't!"'s, and a few select foul words. Ah well.
Son's face is healing quite nicely. He's still considerably bruised above the eye, but it's getting better. For some largely unknown reason, husband thought it would be a nice get well present for him, to bring in the biggest bag of Skittles I have ever seen in my life. Uh-huh. I actually hid them, but tonight they were on the dresser, and somehow son got them off, dumped out the whole bag, and shut himself in our bedroom (not locked). When I went in there, there was a huge pile in the floor and he looked very suspicious. So needless to say, I'm not surprised that he was up 2 hours past his usual bedtime, he was obviously jacked beyond belief. Men. ;)
Daughter is sick with some nasty-cough-yuck-stuff-in-the-throat-kind-of-hot-but-not ordeal. The thermometer says she's normal, but I never trust those things. Not since the night I just knew she had a fever, and it kept saying 98.6, yet when we woke up that morning and went to the doctor, she *actually* had a fever of 105.1 (!!!) and had RSV. So yeah, me and thermometers are not on good terms since about 2004. I keep at least 3 in the house, and I use each one of them for taking a temp every time I do it, since each method has a bit of a difference in result. If they all 3 are relatively close, then I may (or may not!) believe them. Anyhow, school is probably out for tomorrow, but we'll see in the morning.
Beyond that, life is normal for the time being. Mother in law is coming to visit next Thursday, and I am looking forward to some alone time for me and husband. And looking forward to the Melting Pot. One day, I will branch out and go to other places that interest me. Like this one weird place called Pussers??? The menu looks great- I don't know what the deal is with the name. But for the most part, I always pick the Melting Pot for date night. There's no way we could do it with the kids and come out without 3rd degree burns.
That's about it for now :)


Bridgett said...

Ahh...the wine tasting sounds fun! You didn't drink any Pinot for me? Hmmmpphhh! LOL

And I'm with ya, girl. I get carsick so easily. It's even worse when you're stuck in a car with a shitey driver. (Like my new word? Shitey? LOL)

Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about the home loan. I know it's not super upsetting at this point, but it still sucks. We've been turned down in the past too. Of course, the one time we were approved, it was an amount that wouldn't have paid for the lot.

Yea, our credit? Not so good either.

Buttloads of Skittles? Yea, I think I would have kicked my hubby's butt. LOL


Karla said...

Bummer about the loan, but I'm happy to hear that you have a great plan, and are okay. ;)

The wine tasting sounds like much more fun than the ones that I've been too. I'm happy that you got out and enjoyed those White Russians. What a great cause!! lol.

Hope your headache is better. I know how much they suck, but I don't have two little ones to deal with.

Hoping Baby Girl is better. Hugs.


Persnickety Ticker said...

Jacked On Skittles is SO going to be the name of my band!

That is, if I ever learn to play an instrument and meet enough people to form a band.