Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Rather than come back to this blog at the end of the year and feel like I have accomplished nothing, I decided to list a few things that I am certain I will do or work towards during this year.


#1- teeth. Yup, the chompers. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have crappy teeth and that I would almost rather have no teeth than to have my teeth (I said almost). I have wanted them whitened, straightened, and porcelain veneered for who knows how long. No matter how much I brush and floss, I still get cavities. Thanks, mom. I inherited her teeth. BOOOOO! So this year I will do something with the teeth.

#2- finances/home. Throughout the course of our 6 year marriage, husband and I have spent $69,000 in rent once our lease here is up in June. No, that is not a typo, I said $69,000. And we have nothing to show for it as far as home ownership. So this year has to be the year that we get our finances in order and get our own home. Part of this motivation comes from the fact that we received an email from the landlord yesterday that his wife will be visiting for 10 days. TEN! And where is she staying? Directly across the street. And why is she coming? To trod all through our house and walk it with a contractor to think of putting in granite countertops and a few other upgrades. This whole deal bothers me on several levels. For starters, I see no need for her to be here for 10 days. But the fact that she is going to be right across the street makes me feel like I am being watched (and her, along with our nosy neighbors almost guarantees that I am), and on top of that I do not want people in and out of this house disrupting sons routine. We are beyond ready to have our own place with no one to answer to. We just have to get our finances in order. We came to FL almost debt free, but the cost of living here and expenses throughout this time have shot the bills through the roof, so we must chip away at it slowly.

#3-More organization, but less obsession. This is probably the hardest one of all for me. I am uber obsessive about things. If you come into my home and move a candle, I can tell. I like things in their place, in certain order, turned just the right angle, etc etc. Yes, I obsess like that. I like a spotless house, which is a constant job. I also like organization and no clutter. If you look under our beds, there's nothing there (with the exception of board games under daughter's). There are decorations throughout, but minimal things on the tables as to not look cluttered. I am just particular about things like that. So I am going to try to be organized more (which is hard because we are already pretty organized), but try not to be so uptight about things when they aren't "just so". My first one to work on is when people walk on my freshly vaccumed carpet. This is one that I get so mad about - freshly vaccummed carpet with wonderfully fabulous vaccum lines, until there are foot prints in it. I don't know of any other options, as no one in the house has learned to hover over the carpet, and so this is one that I need to just suck up and quit complaining about. Yeah, I'll let you know how it turns out.

As I said previously, I could go on with more things, but I like to set the bar high. Those are 3 things that I absolutely intend on doing, and now this blog will serve as my reminder when it's about June and I haven't done crap about any it. Yikes!!! ;o)


Bridgett said...

Oddly enough, I'm with you on all these things.

While my teeth are actually pretty nice for never having braces, they do need whitened. Thirty-three years of living has yellowed them more than I care for. :)

Renting...yep, we're there with you. And it's such a good time to buy with the price of homes bottoming out. We're just so broke trying to recover my autistic son. Maybe some day.

Hating clutter? ME TOO! I used to be so anal about my home. After having two munchkins though, I've loosened up a lot. I still hate clutter though and have a garage sale every year to get rid of access.

Sounds like we're a lot alike. :)