Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The more I write this blog, the more I am thinking that maybe life is more interesting that I had originally thought. Either that, or the most random things seem to happen to me.

A couple weeks ago a representative from Discover card calls us and says that they have had some hack into their system, accounts have been compromised and that they have reason to believe ours may have been one of them. She calls the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to tell me this, and says they are going to cancel our cards immediately and send us new ones- unless I need to keep it to use to go shopping on Black Friday.

I had to laugh because
A) I do NOT go out on Black Friday. We may be strapped for cash this year, but no amount of savings will lure me out of my bed at 5am to go out with a bunch of people who are (mostly) greed driven, and likely have not showered. It's humid, it's crowded, and I will be beyond angry if someone pushes me or repeatedly bumps into me. It's nearly impossible to navigate a stroller on Black Friday, and all courtesy to women with strollers gets thrown out the window on that day. You are seen as an obstacle. The last Black Friday I went out on was when I was in high school and worked at the toy store, people were fist fighting over Furby's and that was enough for me to know that I am not doing that again.
B) there is like $130 left available to spend, so even if someone does steal the account number, they are going to be somewhat disappointed when they try to use it to buy a new 8 million inch plasma tv.

So even though I said I wouldn't be using it, they were still nice enough to UPS the new cards to us which arrived on Black Friday. As I said, we weren't going to be using them and hadn't even bothered to activate them.

Since we're doing so much traveling for Christmas and it costs $30 PER suitcase (seriously what is that?!) on our airline, the majority of people are getting gift cards, and the rest are getting photo books and calendars of the kids- things that travel flat in my suitcase. Upon checking the Discover bill online yesterday I see that they are having a "deal" on their gift cards. $2 off each gift card (which brings it down to $1.95 service fee per each), and free shipping. We had some cash back bonus and so I got all of the gift cards for the cousins that were getting them, for a small service fee but saved $20 in free money (or money they gave us for spending a fortune with them, depends on how you look at it).

I go through all of the fun stuff- choosing the design, the amount, the recipient, etc etc. I get to the final page and it won't take the card-- oh yeah, forgot to activate it. Crap. So I call Discover and get the operator to activate it. He does his usual spiel about do I want the insurance, you know, you can delay a payment in the event of moving, being laid off, etc, and about that time son comes running down the hall crying over something. I'll have to give him credit for using that as a good transition because he said "If you have more kids, you can also delay payments". To which I responded "No more kids!!! " He laughed and said "Oh, come on, it could even be twins, I'll pray for you to have twins!"

You know, that's all it took. I've been cursed. Or blessed, depending on your view. We don't have any plans on having any more kids, ever. But twins run in my family and I've avoided it twice. Now some credit card representative has spoken it to be true, and I am fairly certain that if I am ever to get pregnant again, it will be twins. I told him that there are MANY MANY things that I would appreciate him praying for me for, but twins is not it! LoL

Sure the novelty of saying "We had twins!" would be great- for like 2 days. Then you would come home from the hospital and have two screaming messes who constantly need everything at the same time, until they start doing completely different things at completely different times which I am convinced would be even worse. I always said I would love to have twins. But I meant as my first and second children, and then snip husband and be done. I never meant that if I ever got the nerve to have a 3rd, that I would want it to be accompanied by a 4th.

Thanks a lot Discover guy, thanks a lot. Probably not so much from me, but from husband. I am sure he will be frustrated to know that he is never allowed to touch me again for fear of multiple babies resulting from it hahaha.


MrsSoersdal said...

That's the very same reason I'm terrified of getting pregnant again. My uncle always looks upon his youngest two girls and says "ONE of you is unplanned. I don't know which one but ONE of you is."