Monday, December 8, 2008

70 in December

Following my baking experiment gone wrong, and the parade that never was, we had a relatively calm rest of the weekend. I went on to take two tests, which I am certain that I failed, but still somehow find this comforting because it means the classes are over and I didn't need those grades to pass anyhow. All that matters is that I will never see College Algebra again, and this is the best Christmas gift ever!! The weather here is in the 70's while our old hometown is getting pelted by snow. I can say that I don't miss that! Driving with kids, or driving at all, in the snow is just so inconvenient. The slipping, the sliding, the 800 layers of clothes that you have to put on the kids, only to turn around and take it off for them to go pee and start all over, it's not something I miss.
Husband's friend couldn't make it to watch the game Saturday night, so we had some
"spare time" (though there is no such thing after having kids), to put up the Christmas tree. Only that it's pre-lit, and the upper 1/4 of it was no longer lit up. Rather than feel the need to exchange it, husband steals lights from one of our outside trees to fix it. I am certain that we will have ALL of our Christmas decorations complete once it's time to put them up until next year. For now, we have 7 out of 8 front windows with a candle in them (#8 is in the car, along with the mailbox decorations), and 2 out of 3 trees in lights but no extension cord to plug them into since ours all seemed to have shorted out in the move. yes, moving seems to single out your most used and needed things to ruin, that you would never think to check until it's just the last minute.
Aside from that, we are in full-on travel preparation mode. We are making our first flight as a family from here in FL to WV. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE to fly, and I won't even go into the huge inconvenience that it is causing us. Next year I have already volunteered us to come in for Thanksgiving instead.
Ok, I am off to brainstorm. It's our 6th wedding anniversary Sunday and I have to think of something to buy/cook/build/make that won't break the already fragile bank. Wish me luck as my brain is mush these days and creativity is at it's minimum!


MrsSoersdal said...

Every year I was in Norway I would say "No no it's not going to snow all that much this year, the stroller will do" and not by a sled. Then it would get longer into the winter and I would say "well this is the worst of it, just a few more days of this and the snow will be manageable" and then toward the end of winter I would say "well this winter has been completely unmanageable but it's almost over now so no point buying a sled!"

I was such an idiot. I don't miss getting babies around in the snow at all!

MrsSoersdal said...

er not BUY a sled