Monday, December 8, 2008

Pumpkin to the head

I think I forgot to mention that due to either
A: selective hearing
B: a miscommunication
C: an honest misunderstanding

that I didn't get to go to the girl's night out on Friday. Husband thought I said one time, and I actually said another, point of the story, it was too late when he got home with son and so I went to Publix instead.
Well after the cookie experiment gone terribly wrong, I didn't exactly want to take them to the girls night out, but I didn't necessarily want to just put them in the trash either. My guess was that I would do the usual, I would let them sit, untouched, on the counter, until they were quite old and hard as a rock. Then I would open them and comment about their consistency and how there was no possible way anyone could eat them. Though no one ever intended to eat them to begin with, at least I then felt like I had a justified reason for trashing them.
So I laughed when husband suggested that he take them to work. There are a bunch of "well rounded" (in the midsection) people that work there, and he says they will eat anything (gee,thanks). But it was fine with me, we obviously weren't going to eat them and that was our best option. He came back home this evening with an empty bowl, and said they were gone in 20 minutes. He says that they were all actually enjoying them and said for him to tell me thank you LOL. I kind of feel like I need to make something that actually tastes good to make up for them having to suffer through those, but apparently they enjoyed them and so I think I will spare myself from another cooking adventure at least until the new year.
There wasn't any other excitement in the house this evening, except that for some reason, husband hit me in the head with a plastic pumpkin. More like a mixture of foam and plastic, so I don't know what that is. I took down my fall decorations long ago, except these 4 pumpkins that sit at the top of the stairs. I walk past them 100 times a day, and never pick them up. The dog carries them back down the hall 100 times a day, and I yell at him. There is no real reason for them to be there, and they *should* be put up with the other fall stuff. Yet I never do this. Tomorrow I will (I just decided that).
Anyhow. Husband gets the idea that he is going to "help" me out by getting those decorations downstairs. Then I will stop fussing about them, the dog will quit chewing them, and son will leave them alone. Yet rather than take them all downstairs (hey, not criticizing because I haven't taken them down either), he decided to *throw* them down. They aren't heavy ,they won't break, in fact they probably would have bounced. But, true to the usual fashion of the oddest things always happening to me, I came around the corner *just* as he is releasing pumpkin #1 into the stairwell and it promptly smacks me right on top of the head. I obviously am startled, as I usually don't look for things flying at my head when I go upstairs- though I might start now! It was an accident, right place wrong time I suppose, and thankfully it didn't hurt, or else I may have had to hurt him.