Saturday, December 20, 2008

A list

I've found my next recipe to attempt, which includes pounding chicken and rolling it out to stuff it with some odd strange mixture. This is sure to be an adventure, and I think I may save it until after the new year!
Things are moving along quickly towards our holiday travel. Looking back, I can't believe how fast this year has gone and how many things have changed. Nursing school was by far THE worst year of my life, but this year has been the most trying and testing for me. It hasn't been a bad year, but it's been a different year. I have learned that I am capable of so much more than most people give me credit for, and I've also learned that sometimes you just have to step up and let people know that. My family certainly didn't expect us to last in FL longer than 6 months (heard from their own mouths), and as our 7 month mark approaches at the end of this month, I am feeling somewhat accomplished (or maybe spiteful? I don't know).
I know that there are a lot of changes that need to be made in the new year. I need to get more active and lose some weight, start exercising and just get moving a lot more. Chasing after son and keeping the house clean are quite a god bit of exercise, but it's not enough. I am hoping that the new Wii Fit that we are getting to go with our Wii for Christmas will give me a jump start on that.
When the new year comes, husband will start his new position at work, and I will need to start thinking more about my own career. Getting my RN is proving to be increasingly difficult with son not in daycare or preschool, and being a bit of driving distance from most schools. My plan right now is to get my license back at the beginning of the year and just try to work for a couple of years and maybe go back at it. There's so much other stuff going on that I am not able to completely focus on my classes. Why can't they make a degree in Common Sense? I could honestly earn a Masters In Common Sense, but for normal academics, I am not so great. Ugh.

To switch it up a little, I was thinking the other day of things that annoy me, as I often do ;) And so in no particular order, I am going to list things that annoy me, for your reading pleasure . You can thank me later ;)

1. Overdoing it on clothing. Do you ever just find that one absolutely perfect piece of clothing? You know, you see it on the rack, you pick it up and it looks wonderful. You try it on, and it's like they had your exact body double when they made it. It was made just for you. Then you do a spin in the dressing room mirror, and there's this hideously placed button on the back, or one too many pieces of fabric, etc etc? I never understand this, and I think it's part of the reason why I wanted to be a fashion designer. I never understood why designers and companies couldn't understand that some people like simple pieces! I don't like 10 million ruffles on my sleeves, and sometimes I don't want a gold button in the middle of the elbow for pete's sake! I don't know how many times I have picked up a shirt and almost bought it, and then some hideously out of place thing makes an appearance, once again ruining my perfect find. Ugh.

2. Saying X-Mas. honestly , I just can't get that one. Are people so rushed that they can't type out Christ instead of using an x? And if in fact they don't believe in Jesus, then why are they celebrating Christmas? Flame me if you will.

3.People who run you over in the "slow lane". You quickly learn in a town of a million people, that even on a 5 lane interstate, there is no slow lane. Sometimes I don't want to go 85, ok? I think that's my right as an American, to not always want to go 15 over the speed limit.

4. People who stare. I never get that one. Do you honestly not know that it makes people uncomfortable? Sheesh! This one goes along with nosy neighbors. We have one. It sucks.

5. When I go to the store and come home and realize that I forgot to put about 10 things on my list. which is part of the reason I hate grocery shopping. Due to my lack of being able to make a complete list, I end up going about 3 times a week. Seriously.

6. Selective hearing. Damn you, selective hearing. And whoever made up that term sucks, because it gives people an "out". You cannot physically turn off your hearing, unless it comes from a Bell Tone. Why not just admit that sometimes you listen, sometimes you don't?

7. Chicken. Yes, the meat. I don't eat any red meat or fish, so my meat source comes only from chicken and the occasional turkey. And yes, please spare me how they are they dirtiest of the animals, or I will have to revert back to not eating any meat at all which has proven to be bad in the past given my detest for most vegetables. Anyhow, why is that chicken is almost always rotten at Walmart? no matter what date is on it, I open it up to cook it and it smells, well, dead. But rotten too. Thus, I can only get my meat from Publix, and they are so expensive on everything else. Then the 3x a week trip to the store becomes 4 so that I can get most things at Walmart and meat at Publix.

8.Ticket scalping or jacking up prices. Do you know that I love football? Love it. Dallas Cowboys are my team. Do you also know that the Superbowl is just 3 short hours from my house and you can't find a ticket less than $1000 per person. Robbery, it is.

I'll spare you from other things for the time being, mainly because I can't think of a lot of them. There are so many times that things happen and I say, "add that to my list". There isn't an actual list anywhere, but it lies in my head, and many things (and some people hehe) are on it ;)


MrsSoersdal said...

I've been to the store TWICE today and forgot my veggie burgers BOTH TIMES ARRGGGH. So, I definitely feel you on that one.