Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ok, so being over the hormonal hump for the month, I feel like I can come back here and talk as a human now instead of a two-headed monster.
This time 6 years ago, hubby and I were married. It's been a LONG, rocky, fun, trying, tiring, exciting 6 years! 6 houses, 2 kids, and 1 dog later, we're still plugging along :)
Of course, we have been in the anniversary slump for 5 years now. We've had some interesting ones. Our first anniversary was nice, but then on our second anniversary we were not even in the same town- husband was on disaster duty for severe floods, and I was packing our house- alone- in subzero temperatures and moving it myself. Yes, not fun. Our 3rd anniversary was spent arguing for 3 days in the nation's capital, our 4th anniversary was spent in town because I was hugely pregnant and in nursing school, then we come to last year- the 5th anniversary in which we had a fabulous caribbean cruise planned and we were all sidelined with the dreaded stomach virus, which caused us to cancel our cruise- mind you, husband was cheap and didn't purchase the trip insurance. Thankfully, Carnival was nice enough to give us credit towards a future cruise, but we used it to take the kids so it wasn't exactly what we originally planned.
This year we aren't doing anything, we're here in a new-ish town, and have no babysitter, and daughter has once again brought illness into the house as she did to us last year on our anniversary. Only this time it's strep throat, and I would MUCH rather have strep throat in the house than the stomach virus. Of course I wouldn't want anyone to be sick, but I prefer anything over barf.
Husband got me a pretty pair of black diamond earrings, and I got him a mix of things such as golf shirt, hat, movie, and black panties (not for him LoL).

Other than that, nothing much exciting has happened. Husband was offered a better job position in his same office building, which would give him a little more of that raise that we were screwed out of, but still nowhere near the original promise. Any bit helps though.

He hasn't made his decision yet, so we'll see what comes of it.