Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cleaning Crew

I'm lacking in updates, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes I just want to come on here and ramble. Nice for me, boring as crap for you. ;)

At this point, I am doing what I do best, which is preparing for company. Husband turns 30 on the 11th and so my parents are coming to watch the kids so we can go out. parents are spending a few hundreds of dollars to come down for my husbands birthday? Not so much. We welcome company at any time, so I guess that my mom felt that maybe since she called me literally 2 hours after daughter had left from visiting this summer and asked to come down, that she needed a good reason. At any rate, I need an escape and so I'll take what I can get. Don't know where we're going or what we're doing, but I am ready for a moment of sanity. I'm thinking a night of game playing at Dave and Busters, because I am all about any place that serves alcohol AND tells adults to play games. Does it get any better than that??

Once my parents leave on the 14th, it will be 11 days until my mother in law and bestie get here for the girls cruise. No, mother in law isn't going, but merely providing her child watching services to the kids, because husband can't. That's a whole other rant in itself.

So one would think, well I will spend that 11 days getting clothes laid out (I am a very detailed packer, people),doing my normal day to day things, and relaxing (does that happen, seriously?) etc. But what will I be doing?

Scrubbing the ever loving shart out of my house.

This sounds ass backwards to me- I'm getting ready to leave on a trip and I am cleaning like a mad lady? Unfortunately, true.

I don't know why, but when my mother in law visits, she also thinks that she has to clean my house. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but I object. I like to do things my way, on my terms. It's safe to say that she does them as close to the way that I do as possible, but what I have issue with is that fact that she's supposed to be here watching the kids, not cleaning. While I am confident in my own abilities to do both, I'm not confident in anyone else's. I'm just weird like that. When she cleans, she goes all out and so it really takes a lot of her attention. She is also on the heavier side, and when she works on the house all day, then her knees get really messed up and she gets grouchy. It's hardly the ideal situation. On top of that, she also does my laundry. And when I say does laundry, I mean DOES laundry. She folds socks for crying out loud. She folds underwear, blues are only washed with blues, browns with browns, you get the point. It's quite the production, and now I see why she hates laundry so much. It's an all day and night job. I also do not enjoy my mother in law washing my underwear. Is that not a bit weird? Just a bit?

So...this means that I literally will have to spring clean my house once my parents are gone. It's the ONLY way to ensure that she doesn't do it while she's here, and it's one less thing that I will have to worry about. Right now I'm contemplating hiring someone else to do it for me. Of course the fact is that once she's here means that we will be headed to Jamaica, and that is a fantabulous reward for all of the hard work that I am sure to put in beforehand.

There is no other real news around here to report. I'm in one of my funks about living in Florida. Don't get me wrong, I love the state. I love our house, and the schools and everything like that. But it's hard to meet people, and it's even more hard when I don't put myself out there. Obviously you can't make new friends, if you are at home 24/7. It's definitely a different dynamic because I am the youngest person with kids our kids ages around here. People are all around unfriendly it seems. I've met about 4-5 people that are really nice and lots of fun, but I miss that "best friend" feeling of being able to call and talk to someone, or go out to dinner or just hang out while we're getting groceries, etc. There are actually 2 other moms on my street that are my age- literally across from my house- that have kids that are the same ages as my kids--the girls even ride the bus with daughter, and yet, they don't speak. Maybe I stink and I don't know it? I dunno. All I do know is that I need to start whoring myself out for some adult friends soon, before I go nuts. It really is a daunting task, one that I'm trying to work up to. I went to a moms night out last night and it was really fun, I knew the main girl hosting it because our kids are in Girl Scouts together, but it's hard to meet new people in a house of 25 drinking women ;) ::Sigh:: Still hoping to find that balance and that the answer comes to me soon, before I get the itch to just tell husband to move us somewhere else that I may be bitter towards too, and start all over again. I feel like I've been home with my kids for so long and not had to actually go out and meet new people, because we always lived near family and old friends, and now when I am faced with the situation I'm just all around awkward. Bah. Pardon the pity party.

Besides all of that, I've had a stiff neck/shoulders/3 day migraine thing going on, that I'm finally recovering from. Soooo.. needless to say, when my parents come to visit this weekend, husband and I may end up with a hotel room somewhere so that I can drink myself into a relaxed state once again. ;)


Persnickety Ticker said...

First of all, "ever loving shart" had me snorting coffee! Too funny!

Second of all, I am in the same boat with you about the not being able to make friends. Which you would think wouldn't be that hard in a neighborhood chock full of women with kids. But no matter how much I put myself out there, I still can't get anyone that wants to talk to me other that 5 minutes in a front yard.

I was supposed to go to a girlscout meeting to get my daughter signed up last week. Couldn't make it. Migraine.

We just bought a huge spa yesterday, and I am hoping once that sucker is firmly planted in my back yard, I will have something to lure people in with. You know, like, "Come over for dinner and a relaxing evening in the spa!"

BTW, your MIL is going to clean no matter how much you clean first. By the sound of it, it is her means of controlling a situation she doesn't have much control in...just saying.

Ya know...I do live closer to you now...

Bridgett said...

I'm very outgoing, so I've never had trouble meeting people...but I find myself pushing people away. I never let myself get super close to folks anymore....and I'm not sure why.

Maybe it's a responsibility I just don't want?

I honestly have no idea what my problem is. What I do know is that I'll go out, meet people, have a great time...and then not answer the phone when they call.

Go figure.

I know it's weird. I just can't seem to get past it.

Anyway...I hope your girl's cruise is fun!!!