Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Old Town

Things around here have been crazy to say the least. I had NO clue how big of a transition it would be for daughter to go from Kindergarten to 1st grade. She's expected to read 20 minutes a night, and has to document it to be reviewed each week, or she's penalized. We also have math homework, plus spelling homework, which takes the longest of all of them. I'm pretty sure I giggled a little when I heard someone say that 1st grade was hard, but they weren't joking. Obviously they meant it was hard for the parents, because 1st grade is kicking my ass. We do all of this in addition to gymnastics, Girl Scouts, and soccer, while still trying to maintain an 8:30-9:00 bedtime. So far, it's not working out so great, but I'm sure we'll fall into place soon enough. I had a much better routine last year, just have yet to make it there this time around.

The weekend was nice and low key. My parents flew in on Friday, which was also husband's birthday. We ate at a local Cuban (Spanish? I don't know) restuarant in the old town of St Augustine. I have to say that the old town grows on me more each time that I go there. Plenty of people obviously love it, since they vacation here. To me, it was a bit of a let down from the start. Pretty crappy thing to say about the oldest city in America (literally), BUT the reason I was let down was because we left a tiny hole-in-the-wall town to move to a big city. We got to the big city, and realized that the crime and crappy school system was so piss poor, that we had to move the next town over in order to get a good education for our kids, and refrain from having a cap busted in our asses. This town is St Augustine, which happens to be about the same size as the town we moved from, and a lot older and somewhat outdated. We're not all the way in town, but rather in a golfing community about 20 minutes out, so we're conveniently located to nothing, but at least we're midway between the city and the town. Anyhow, Friday was perfect. The dinner wasn't great, but we were finally low on humidity, and there was a wonderful breeze that was preceeding the storm coming in. It was dark with a crystal clear sky, and walking around the old town was wonderful. One of these days I'm going to actually take pictures of where we live. Seems like that would make sense, no? We had lots of rain Saturday, but all in all it was a great visit.

The highlight of the trip had to be when we went to the outlet mall. Husband and I took son into the Disney store, and daughter was with my parents. They then decided to tell us when we came back, that daughter went into the store to find us (we weren't in there) and sent me into utter panic that she had been lost/stolen/kidnapped. Oh what, you don't see the humor in this?

Yeah, me neither. It didn't go over too well. Ugh.

With this trip behind us, it puts me one step closer to my GIRLS TRIP, which is less than 2 weeks away! I've got a lot of personal things- internal debates, struggles, and annoyances going on right now. I'll save it for another post, but let's just say I really am ready for this trip!


MrsSoersdal said...

I HATE all the homework they have for kids these days! It's utterly asinine! Last year it was harder for me with Giggles being so small but even this year it sucks. It's like they think you've got NOTHING to do besides your kids' homework!

Sam said...

I agree with Heather, the homework is absolutely ridiculous. They have done study after study that shows that homework does no improve test scores, but everyone refuses to take heed. Hang in there, we all feel your pain.

Bridgett said...

Parker's had some very simple homework so far...but I expect it will get worse.

Right now, his only extracurricular is gymnastics...but I want to start his piano lessons soon. I'm trying to give him time to acclimate to being back in school before we add something else on him.

I hope you have a wonderful girl's cruise!!!!


clauren said...

The girls have so much work and its only pre k omg for first grade.

Can't wait to hear all about the girls trip, can I come?

xoxo Cass

Bernadette said...

LOL, I went to St Augustine when I was a kid...I think there was some castle there that my parents wanted to see. haha...booooooring ;)

I was blown away by the schoolwork.
Pey is up at 6:30, class starts at 7:50..she gets home at 2:50, has a snack and starts on her schoolwork...we're lucky if she's done by dinnertime, and that's without any other activities, you throw that stuff in and it's chaos!

...and just in case you hit this wall like I did... asking sentence is what we call a question! When Pey was in first grade I spent 4 hours trying to figure out what the hell an asking sentence was ;)