Friday, April 17, 2009

Up Up and Away

I have a slew of family coming to inhabit my house at the end of May for daughter's dance recital. This would include my mom, mother in law, 2 grandmas, and now my dad, who originally said he was not "traveling with that many hags" LOL. ;)

We really hadn't made many plans for that weekend that they will visit. Daughter has rehearsal when they get here Friday, and recital on both Saturday and Sunday, then they fly back out on Monday. So the weekend pretty much planned itself for us.

Except, for my dear ole dad.

I think that he has ants in his pants, or something similar, because he's just not content to be still. So he decided that in the mornings while he's here, that he wants to rent a scooter and go through St Augustine one day, and sky dive the other day. Yeah. Dive out of a plane, into the sky. Where the clouds and birds live.

I have to admit that sky diving has always been one of those things on "my list". I also have to admit that I've always lived within a 40min drive to a skydiving facility pretty much my entire life in one state or another, and have never had the balls to do it. So yeah, the opportunity has always been there and I've never taken advantage. Because I'm a sissy.

Dad invites me to go along with him, and I have no clue what to do. I am so NOT going to even try to be funny here and ask what is the worst that can happen, because the worst the can happen, is exactly what you DON'T want to hear is the worst that can happen in any situation. EVER.

Am I afraid of dying? Well, I'm certainly not looking forward to it, nor do I ever like to talk about it. I know that it happens, but still. So the idea of going in a plane (one of my biggest fears- HATE to fly), and then jumping out of it while attached to some stranger, and a backpack with a chute on a rope, it's pretty daunting. Ok, it's downright terrifying. Not only do I have two children and a husband, I am also nowhere near where I want/need to be on a spiritual aspect- which in part contributes to that never ending 20's identity crisis that I loathe. I have to make a decision soon, they only have one appointment left that day, an hour earlier than when dad goes. I don't know what is stopping me from being able to say yes or no, but at any rate I'm crazy for even considering it.

Maybe I'll just stay on the ground and photograph dad as he comes into view...or join in on the scooter trip ;)


Monique said...

I would join in on the scooter trip and takes pics SAFELY from the ground...but I think you should do it so you can tell me all about it;) Plus, how many people actually can say they've jumped out of a plane!!

Bridgett said...

Oh my! DO IT! It's an experience you'll never forget and never regret.

I would LOVE to do I'll live vicariously through you.

I just can't imagine the 'high.'

I hope you decide to 'walk on the wild side' for this one day. LOL