Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snot and Batteries

Well I am back with good news. Mona Vie tastes much better chilled. Notice that I did not say that it tastes good, I just said it tastes better. I still plug my nose and chug it through a straw, but I am holding my nose for less and less time afterwards- HA!- and I no longer want to gag myself just to see if vomit does in fact taste better than said miracle juice. Baby steps ;) I'm also forcing husband to drink it every night when he comes home from work. I don't think he really appreciates day he will ;)

Tomorrow, I have a friend from nursing school coming to visit (hi Monique!) and I am super excited. So, in honor of that, it's only fitting that I do my typical "company cleaning". I always clean like a mad lady when I am having company, but on top of that my house just REALLY needed it. I honestly am not sure when the last time I cleaned was-and that's pretty bad coming from someone who used to clean every single Friday. The only problem is that this house is too big for our own good, and I am ready to poop out about halfway through, just leaving the rest of the house in ruins. I have managed to get the entire house clean except the never ending laundry, and the floors. Oh, the joy.

I got up today with a plan- I will clean the house like mad (or as much as son will allow), go to the bank, pick up a few things from the get my point, I had plans (for once). So it only makes sense that I get up today and my Jeep won't start when I go to take daughter to school. Great. I still don't know what's wrong with it, it would appear that the battery was dead, but we don't know how this is possible since everything cuts itself off if you leave it on. I had to call husband to come all the way home from downtown, jump my car with a booster that he borrowed from security at work, and then take daughter to school, and go all the way back to work. He also took my car back with him, so hopefully he makes it home ...hehe.

I send daughter off to school an hour late, son is up and he is a face full of snot. The poor guy feels terrible. He is sneezing all over the place, his nose is a mess. I've noticed this afternoon that he does have a low fever, so I hope this isn't anything related to the ear tubes. Trying to give him amoxicillin results in bad things if you recall. Daughter is hacking her head off, and as much as I feel sorry for her, I have to shamefully admit that coughing really pisses me off (hangs head in shame). But, it's not just her coughing- constant coughing from anyone. I know (she) they can't help it, but it just bothers me to no end. Yes, I realize it's not all about me.But this is my blog, so in a sense it is ;) But still, it's annoying. I am assuming it's the pollen, since it's really high right now. Daughter has been allergy tested but that was several years ago. I had allergies something FIERCE when I was a kid- I think I spent my first 13 years of existence with a tissue up my nose- how's that for flattering? The boys loved it. :o/

And so, it's been one of those days. I've spent it cussing at my car, cleaning a dirty house, wiping snotty noses and blessing lots of sneezes. I look forward to some adult time this weekend with my friend. I need one good day of baking in the sun. Well, in reality I need about 20 good minutes because after that, I usually look like Mr Crabs.

Did I mention that she's taking my PF Chang's virginity? Ha! I'll let you know how it works out...