Friday, March 6, 2009

Random stuff

I don't have anything exciting to report, so I'm going to do some rambling. I've spent the past few days planning a few fun things for daughter and I this summer. Most of which are purely for her enjoyment, but obviously she can't get there without a driver, or money ;) A few of those things being

*Disney on Ice (April)
* Circque de Soleil ( mainly for me, and this I am still debating on- I'm very interested, but trying to decide if it would be better to go to the "stationary" one in Orlando, vs a traveling tour. Somebody clue me in on this)
* A Jonas Brothers concert (insert your shrieks of horror here. I do it for the kid.)
*a possible weekend trip somewhere

Yes, I realize I have two offspring, but son is not old enough to do stuff like that and it's rare that I get some alone time with daughter. So there's that recap of some upcoming plans.

In other news, we're going to look at a rental house today. Our landlord is wanting us to stay here, but trying to up the rent on us- which is already at the top of what we can afford. So we're checking out something today that is the next exit up. We live in a beautiful neighborhood right now, with a lot of amenities for the kids, but it is just too far out. A move to the next exit up will take about 20min off of husbands commute time, and there are acutally things on that exit like banks and post offices and stuff. We've got none of that here, seriously. This house is in a gated community too, safer for us and the kids. Anyhow, there's that recap too.

Moving on to other things, I am going to take this time to shout out 5 blogs of interest for you. I have NO clue how to hyperlink or whatever, so if anyone wants to clue me in on that then feel free, otherwise, just click on the extremely long links ;)

*This first blog of interest is my www friend Karla. I met her through Ivillage a loooong time ago. She and her husband just recently packed up and moved from MN to Alaska. I love reading her blog because I relive some of my quirky moments from our moving experience as well. Enjoy!

*Persnickety Ticker- this blog is hilarious, and one of those that I have no clue how I found. She has the best sense of humor, and a sense of sarcasm a lot like my own. So go check it out!

*This next blog of interest is from a fellow WV girl, Bridgett. I honestly have no clue how I came across her blog, I think it was one of my many days where I just went from "followers" to followers and ended up there. She has two beautiful children, Parker and Autumn. She also has lost 80+lbs on Weight Watchers! and posts yummy recipies from time to time too. You can find her blog here:

*When Bridgett's son Parker was diagnosed with Autism, she started seeking out more natural alternative methods of treatment, and she keeps an absolutely amazing blog on the Holistic approach. Each entry continues to amaze me, the girl is so smart!! You can find that blog here:

*This blog is written by a mommy who was pregnant with identical twins, who mirrored each other. One twin sadly passed on, and the other has endured countless procedures for her heart. I don't know this family personally, and I found the blog through a link in Bridgett's blog. I caught up on it and I love to read it daily and hear of the progress their little "V" is making. They truly are example of the power of prayer! You kind find their blog here:

Ok, I'm finished with my very scattered post for the day. I have other blogs that I will link to next time, as I follow some that are sooo fun to read- most of which are from people I have never met, but still can feel like I know on a certain level :) I hope you all have a nice weekend!


Bridgett said...

Why thanky, thanky for the kudos and shout out!

Isn't it amazing how you can get to know people and truly adore them, yet never have seen them face to face?

I already adore you and your blog. :)


Persnickety Ticker said...

Aww!!! Thank you so much for the shout out!! I really appreciate it! I love reading your blog, and maybe hopefully we can meet someday in real life since we live so close. I may have missed it somewhere, but how old are your kids? We could so arrange a playdate. Let me know, I love meeting new friends! And I swear I am not some creepy internet person!

Oh yeah, and my word vert today was Oreglart. I have to go buy a pet now just so I can name it that. We'll call him Glart for short.

Karla said...

Hey Sug! You rock, and thanks for the shout out! I don't know if I should be happy or sad that your searching out new digs. Hopefully it will turn out positive for you and the fam! Sounds like you have a great summer planned for you and the girl. Have a great weekend!