Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

The weekend was somewhat eventful, and somewhat uneventful if that makes sense. It was HOT here, and while my family spent the weekend freezing in WV, we spent it sweating our parts off here in FL with temps around 86 yesterday. Saturday, daughter and I went swimming. I can definitely say that's the first time I have been swimming in March. And outdoors, at that. She also learned to ride her bike without training wheels over the weekend. Yay! :)

Yesterday husband went into asshole mode, and so we didn't go to the shuttle launch. We drove down to the beach in St Augustine to see it- or tried to, until I hit literally EVERY red light between here and there, and thus we were not parked as it blazed through the sky. A beautiful sight none the less, and I was surprised and just how visible it was from here. There are two launches the same week in May, rest assured I will see at least one of them. I hope that one is a late launch, nothing beats it. It may be the time I finally grow a brain and start adding pictures to my blog too ;) I'm just still trying to figure out how there will be two space shuttles in space at the same time-they launch within 3 days of each other- I mean it isn't as if there is a parking lot up there that they pull into. Having more than one up there at a time kind of seems like a big deal to me. It makes me nervous :) Anyhow, I will be there in May. I'm already counting down ;)

Other than that, there isn't much to report. I could babble on for days about useless random things, but I won't. I will finish with saying, if you haven't been a victim of this: then be prepared, because you just might be. So far my mom, with her near perfect credit score, has had 3 major credit cards reduce her limits. We have had 1 of our only 2 major credit cards cut our credit limit- in the most dirty way might I add. We just paid them off, quite a sum of money. We were really excited because that left us one big bill, which we were going to transfer to that said card that was just paid off. I kept waiting and waiting on the balance transfer offers to pop up. I was just certain that since they were no longer getting money from us that they would be just itching to get a balance transfer. Boy was I ever wrong on that one. Not only did they not send us any balance transfer offers, they reduced our credit limit seven thousand dollars. $7,200!! Now instead of having a $7900 credit limit, we have $700. I can totally understand that they are trying to keep people from overspending, but to reduce that much, is just wrong in my opinion. Especially after we just freaking paid them off, and some people probably haven't paid them in months!! So now, we basically won't be taking a vacation unless husband works mad overtime, because that was our vacation credit card. The only other card that we had decided to jack our interest rate sky high and we are scraping to make the minimum payment. ((sigh)) Life, I tell you. Sometimes you really just can't win for losing!


MrsSoersdal said...

That sucks about your credit card. I know more and more people who have had that happen to them now.

Bridgett said...

One of our cards was decreased too...but only by a couple thousand. It's scary. They've also jacked the interest rate, which pisses me off.

It's the card we pay for Parker's supplements and food it's detrimental. And we just paid $5000 on it with our tax returns. So I feel your pain.