Friday, May 8, 2009


Simple title, huh? ;)

Long before I ever planned on having kids- but funny enough, not so long before I actually did- I always said I wanted two kids- both boys. Of course when daughter was born, I couldn't imagine myself having anything other than a girl. So then I got pregnant again 4 years later, and decided at that point that I wanted another girl, and had a boy. And of course, I couldn't imagine life without him :)

I've always heard how different each child can be, but I never imagined just HOW different my two kids would really be. Daughter was so content as a baby to just sit and play, read books, and to go out with me. We'd spend hours outside or at the mall, and she was wonderful. She could talk plain as day around a year old.

Son, is wild. I'm fairly certain that there is none other on the planet like him. In fact, I know there isn't. There can't be. He has no interest in sitting still, ever. He's constantly high flying off of whatever piece of furniture is most close to him at the moment. He refuses to behave when we're in public,he beats the crap out of his sister (yes, we try to stop it).

Son turned two last month, and I meant to give him a post dedicated to how he truly is a blessing in my life. I have a really strong bond with him, he's 1 of my two favorite people in the world- daughter being the other ;)

Then, I wanted to talk about how son makes me earn my money. Not that I'm getting paid- in anything other than hugs or kisses of course (and totally worth it!). But if I were getting paid, I would not be making nearly enough.

Take this year for example- and mind you, this is only May. Starting with early 2009,son meets our coffee table head first- courtesy of the dog, and ends up with 5 stitches in his cheek and 4 in his eyebrow. February, we have tubes put in each ear, and his adenoids out. March and April were semi normal, and then we met the past two days.

Starting with Wednesday night, we're all outside playing. Daughter has recently learned to ride without traning wheels, and she FLIES on her bike. She's riding along, and son steps out in front of her, and she PLOWS him on her bike. He falls to the ground and goes to scream and cry, only he doesn't. He holds his breath, and then he passes out. Fabulous.

Husband didn't freak out like I thought he would, suprisingly. And son recovered in about 10-15 seconds, all was well.

Fast forward to tonight, just son and I having a mommy and son dinner, while husband and daughter are out Mother's Day shopping. He's running around in the kitchen having fun, and trips on something and falls, pounding his head on our lovely tile floor. Ugh. He does cry immediately which is good, I'm certain it hurt him bad enough that he *almost* lost his breath again and I almost thought he was going to pass out again. Once a lifetime is enough of that, thanks.

I'm fairly certain that there's no concussion or anything like that- I hope. I'm keeping an eye on him and hoping that we go injury free for a long time from now!

And so on this Mother's Day weekend, I'm thankful for the two rugrats that I have, for the chance to be their mommy. I screw up often, but I really do try. I'm also thankful for my new pink bike that husband got me, since I have been wanting a bike since we moved here. I hopped on it tonight, and let's just say I'm a little rusty ;)


Nancy said...

Sound like he keeps you on your toes for sure! This could be a 2nd child thing, because my first was like you say, calm and all that, and my 2nd had a year of calm, followed by 9 of chaos! (both girls)
I'm glad you got a bike! a few years ago my hubby and I both got bikes and couldnt believe how much fun it was. We had been denying ourselves for years since we "grew up" and now, we're back!
Have fun! Happy Mothers Day!

Bridgett said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!

BTW, my kids are the exact opposite. Parker, despite his autism, is the calm, cool, collected child. Autumn is my PITA. LOL


Karla said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you get a minute to yourself! :)

Persnickety Ticker said...

Happy belated Mother's Day!

Love the new layout of the blog!!