Monday, February 2, 2009

The case of the arachnid and the ever-mutating Rhinovirus

Well , Super Bowl Sunday was fun. We had lots of food, all of which severely violated husbands diet wagon that he is back on..or is it off? I don't know. Either way, the pace that that boy can lose weight at disgusts me. It would take me years..that is, if I had the motivation to begin with. Tomorrow I'm starting back on the Wii Fit. Though I'm more interesting in that thing I saw on HSN that flexes your ab muscles for you. Now that, is gold. I could do that. Or, er, let that do it for me ;)

Now I'm way off track on what I wanted to talk about. So, Super Bowl was fun. Husbands friend, his wife and their daughter came over. We ate lots, laughed lots. Oh, how I love to see different faces sometimes :) Son was an absolute BULLY- pushing the little girl and not sharing his toys. What have I birthed?? It doesn't help that he is off the charts in height, the little girl was 6 months older than him, he was about 3-4 in taller than her. Ugh. My son. The baby bully.

Anyhow. Today I find myself disturbed, very bothered. For once, it isn't by the mound of laundry that I have been chipping away at for two weeks (I've set my goal- completion, one week from today. HA). It isn't from the left over Super Bowl mess, though I will say our company was fabulous in helping clean up! It is from something that husband's work friend told us last night.

He had a scorpion in his house.

OMG. This is literally too much for me to deal with. He says he went into the play room, and there sits his gorgeous little 2yr old girl playing, with this ugly-ass-pincher-toting-beast headed towards her. Ok, he wasn't that descriptive, that is just how it plays out in my mind.

What the HELL is this?! There are scorpions on Florida?? Why didn't anyone tell me this? And more so, why do so many people have stories that they have had them too, but no one felt the need to share this with me? I am beyond disturbed and literally crawling out of my skin 24/7 now. A minute ago, the salt in the bag of pretzels shifted and I nearly shart my pants. If I see one of those things, I honestly think I will have to move. I thought they only existed in the desert.

I had to do a little research and it turns out most in FL are 1"-4" long. 1", I can deal with. 4"- not so much. Anyone that lives in Fl and anywhere hot for that matter, knows that bugs are a problem. We have a guy come in every other month and spray, just so they aren't a problem. The worst we have encountered are fire ants (outside) and earwigs (inside when we first moved in) , which were the grossest (and biggest) thing with a pincher that I EVER wanted to see. And they were pretty small. Scorpions. My feet will be propped up at all times now. Ugh. Ugh!!!!!!

Ok, that's my update for the day. I am back to staring at the floor for movement of anything that should not be moving, and waiting on my dear, sick son, to wake up. The poor thing now has caught on to daughter's well traveled funk. It appears to just be a cold for me, but cough for her, and something involving a fever with him. Daughter and I skipped out on going to the doctor in hopes that we can fight it with our own immunities. Son is roasting though, and I am feeling as though neither of my thermometers are right (I think I mentioned my deal with non-working thermometers in a previous post), as they aren't even registering 98.6- more like 97.3, and I know that we are all at least normal- he, is much warmer than that. Well there you have it. Some type of fabulous cold is mutating in my very own home, right before my eyes. Not cool! So, son may be the first that I actually take to the doctor. The poor little guy wouldn't even sleep in his bed last night, he booted daddy out of the bed, and me and my little man snuggled in the king sized bed all night. I don't think husband was too happy to have to sleep in the guest bedroom, but it sure beats the couch, and I will take snuggle time with son any chance I get. ;)


Persnickety Ticker said...

Welcome to FL! Check your shoes.

They love to hide in dark places like your closets and boxes and shoes. ALWAYS check your shoes. Between the scorpions and the black widows and the brown wolf spiders...I never put on a shoe without tapping it upside down and looking in it.

Bridgett said...

Okay, I confess. I was giggling from the beginning to the end of this entry.

I could actually 'feel' your distaste of scorpions just with your words. LOL

I also confess...scorpions would scare the urine right out of me too. ;O)