Friday, February 6, 2009

A baker, I am not.

Ok. I have finally found my weakness. That which makes me sweat, that which makes me choke.

I cannot cook under pressure.
There. I said it.

I've put catheters in people I thought were impossible to cath. I've taken care of people who had more bedsores than skin. I scooped stool up in a plastic spoon to send off for samples, just because it was the *only* way to do it. I did all of this, and more, while pregnant, and never batted an eye or puked in a can.

Yet, it is nearly impossible for me to cook when necessary and have it come out good. What is the deal?

I volunteered to make a "100 day cake" for daughters class. Basically, it's their 100th day of school and they have fun with it, have a cake, etc. All it is, is regular cake mix (I used my favorite- Funfetti). You make 2, 8x8 rounds for the zeros, and then one 9x13 for the "1". I mixed up the cake mix and poured it into the pans. The minimum time was 32 min, so I set it for 28. I went down at 26 thank goodness, because it was getting ready to be burnt. I take out the cakes, and set them aside to cool.

Coming back later, the cakes are cooled enough. I flip both "0" 's out of the pan with no problems. I ice them, decorate them with skittles (per teachers instruction), then write little "100"'s all over them in glitter icing. Pretty nice.

Then I come to the 9x13 pan, and begin to cut out my "1". Common sense now tells me that I should have just bit the bullet and purchased a first birthday cake pan, to make this much more easy on myself. I start cutting the one, and it literally FALLS APART. I transfer the pieces to the cake pan, and have to use icing to hold the 1 together.

My 1, looks like crap.

I feel really bad because I think I cut it too skinny, and spent at least a good hour laying in bed thinking about how there can't be nearly enough cake for 41 kids, and how some will probably be upset that they didn't get any, or worse- the whole thing will turn into a pile of cake when they try to cut it. If I lived anywhere convenient to a place that didn't close at 10, I would have went and got another cake and started over. Ugh. I feel bad.

I emailed her teacher and gave her advance warning, and she said she was sure the cake would be fabulous, but all of this has led me to believe that I simply cannot cook under pressure. How ridiculous is that. I can walk into the kitchen and whip up a fantastic dinner and the family cleans their plates in 5 minutes flat. But I try to bake cookies (see my very first blog post), or a 100 day cake and BOOM, it all falls apart. Literally. ;)

Anyhow, nothing else new to report. The "dream house" that we wanted, well the offer fell through on it and so now we are persuing a different mortgage company and hoping for good results this time. We want that house. The lady at Bank of America has forever left a sour taste in my mouth, and I would love to just cancel our checking and savings through them because they suck, big time. Well, she sucked big time.

Ok that's all. I had plans of giving a few blog shout outs, and showing you what's in my purse since I've been tagged :), but I will have to save it for a later date.


Bridgett said...

Awww...I'm sure your cake is just fine! It sounds like so much fun.

Our kids are no longer allowed to have food at their parties. Too many kids with allergies. It makes life easier for me since Parker couldn't have any of the food parents brought for paries anyway. I have to make him gluten free cupcakes and such.

Have a good weekend!

Karla said...

I'm sure your cake is beautiful. But cooking and baking are two seperate things my friend. Baking is science. Cooking is feeling and tasting. TOTALLY different.

Have a happy day and good luck with your next step to your dream house!