Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar (Spent)

Every time my mom comes to visit, she brings something for my kitchen. It's kind of a crack on my less-than-spectacular cooking skills, and also a running joke that we have going now. Anytime she mails a package to son or daughter, I always get a "present" too. Sometimes it's tongs, (not to be confused with thongs because that would be too much fun), sometimes a spatula, an egg flipper or whatever they're called. You know, the kind of stuff that you're just itching to get in the mail. ;)

I'm sure I've mentioned many, many times that I love to shop. So the other day it dawned on me. I need a better and more functional kitchen, and I also love to shop. Why not combine the two?

I started by tossing all of my plastic. There have been sooo many bad things in the news lately about plastic, and I was just tired of even having to worry about it. so I tossed all of our plastic drinking cups and replaced them with glass.

Instant sophistication Riiiight.

Then I tossed all of my plastic storage containers and replaced them with glass, and tossed my plastic serving pieces and replaced them with some really neat wooden ones.

Bored yet? This is fun to me people! (No really, I just lack anything else to talk about).

Then I wondered, as much as I love to spend money, why have I had the same pot holders for almost 7 years now? They are filthy, burnt, and just gross. They barely even worked to begin with. So I bought new pot holders, and new dish towels too.

I think the main reason my kitchen lacked in updating is because that's just not fun. I'd much rather spend my money on fun things for myself and the kids, not to mention my Jeep guzzles gas and so a good chunk of money goes to that too. Plus, it's much more fun to make my mom feel sorry for me and my culinary deficiency, then she goes out and buys me all sorts of new serving things and fun glass stuff. Partly because she wants me to have it, but mainly because when she comes here and cooks, she gets tired of asking me for something, only to have me say "I don't know what that is". ;)

Not joking though, I usually don't know what she's talking about..

The end result is something that would bore you all to tears, much like I am sure the rest of this post has, so I will just post a picture of my kitchen, and not all the crap I put in it, in order to pat myself on the back for all of my hard work. ;)

Woot Woot Kitchen!

Moving on.

Things around here have been normal, quiet, and dull. I appreciate that at most times. Daughter has a terrible attitude problem, but nonetheless, we are leaving Tuesday for the Jonas Brothers concert. Had I not bought her the tickets for all of her hard work in kindergarten, I would have sold them by now. But her hard work in school still deserves to be rewarded, and so leave, we shall. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to going and relaxing. It kind of seems like a contradiction to go to a concert of thousands of screaming girls and claim to relax, but that's just how I roll.

Our only other news of excitement is this:

It doesn't appear that any of these things are going to cause problems for us, except that Bill is huge and we aren't sure where it's headed. As of now it isn't supposed to come to us, but I am sure we will deal with lots of rain and wind for a few days at least. After many, many days of 90+ degrees, a little wind may not feel so bad ;)


Sam said...

I too am in your shoes when it comes to the whole kitchen utensils, gadgets, etc. My mom has also purchased me a lot of different kitchen stuff. So, I found your post entertaining, not boring. Have a great day and don't get caught by a hurricane or tropical storm (whatever it is currently rated at).

Stephanie said...

I love your kitchen! Great job. I've been getting rid of all our plastic stuff little by little. Not worth the risk. I love your table, too!

Bridgett said...

I don't find this entry boring at all! And I applaud you getting rid of plastic! We've been doing that little by little since we started Parker's journey too.

And I cook mostly with cast iron because stainless steel leaches nickel and aluminum into food. :(

It's no wonder people are so sick these days.

Your kitchen looks marvelous! So, what colors did you get your towels and such? Does you kitchen have a theme?

Stay safe in the storms!

p.s. It is so blasted hot in WV this past week! Uggghhh! It's been such a mild summer up to this point. I hate super hot weather. I feel wilted. LOL