Friday, July 31, 2009

Pictures & Prayers

I'm going to attempt to show off a few of our photos from our vacation, and our bahamas trip :)

Here's son and I in the pool- that's about as much of myself in a bikini that I'm willing to show on here ;)

How cool is this? Daughter, and my new underwater camera!

Son, in our condo (in Destin)-- it's rare that I get him to sit still for a pic, let alone smile for it!

Daughter,showing off her necklace and bracelet that my grandma got for her

The view from our hotel in the Bahamas- wouldn't you like to wake up to that everyday? Honestly I do have to say, that the water is much better from a distance. Freeport is quite north in the Caribbean- only 55miles off of the coast of Florida. So the water there, is not nearly as pretty as some of the other places we've been. But, it sure beats the Atlantic ;)

And, the kiddos..

Sometimes they do love each other! Don't let this picture fool you though ;)

I have a lot more pictures, but most would be boring to anyone that isn't family ;) There isn't much else going on here- I just wanted to send a quick shout for some prayers and positive thoughts coming my grandpas way. He's still in the hospital. They aren't sure what is technically wrong with him, but he's required 6 pints of blood thus far. He's totally conscious and everything, but they can't figure out where the bleeding is coming from. It was looking like he was going to go home without a diagnosis like he did in March, but all of the sudden they are concerned about prostate levels (PSA), and also that his bone marrow is not producing platelets, which explains why he keeps on bleeding- he's not clotting. He's having a CT scan tomorrow and we're not sure what they are looking for. He has THE biggest bitch of a doctor, and I'm having a really hard time convincing myself to stay here and not fly up there to beat her ass. I fail to see why people would ever want to go into medicine, when they completely lack compassion. She waltzed into the hospital room tonight, told him "You have a vein in your heart that is going to burst at any moment", and walked out. When he tried to ask her a question, she said they would talk Monday, and that was that. Does anyone closer to WV want to go and beat her ass on my behalf? Seriously, I'm having a hard time not making a phone call to let that woman have it BIG time. So, send lots of good thoughts his way because he surely needs them.


Alicia said...

Great pictures! Looks like yall had a great time!

Persnickety Ticker said...

Love the pictures! Still envious of the camera!

As far as the doctor goes, they have to have their personalities surgically removed once they graduate med school. Didn't you know?

Kaileigh said...

Great pictures & beautiful family!

I hope everything is okay with your grandpa, and so sorry about his nasty doctor :(

Bridgett said...

I'll kick her ass. Just give me a name and location.

I already have a HUGE grudge against 90% of docs, so I'll happily knock her head off on your behalf.

What a bitch. I swear. Wonder how she'd feel if somebody told her that and then walked out.

Anyway, sending healing thoughts to your grandpa. I do hope he's feeling better [since I'm so late getting here].

LOVED your vacation pics...especially the underwater one! How cool is that! What kind of camera do you have? I want one! LOL


clauren said...

Love the pics. The dr needs his arse kicked.