Friday, June 5, 2009

On The Road Again

Those of us who have kids, know that traveling with kids is no easy task. The saying "It Takes A Village", oh, it totally does. To raise them, to travel with them, all of that. I truly believe that in order to effectively raise a child and ever get anything else done, one must be an octopus. There's no other way to function fully, and I often find myself wishing for 8 arms in some weird, circus-freakish way.

But traveling is one of my loves in life, and so the show must go on. Now and then I get brave and plan a trip out of town for us to take for no particular reason. So tomorrow we're headed to Disney. :)

I'm really excited, because we're trying out Typhoon Lagoon (water park) and Animal Kingdom- 2 parks that we have yet to visit. I'm a total freak for the Magic Kingdom, so normally it takes up one day of our trip. I'm definitely sad that we won't be going there this time, but, I suppose I'll live. ;) We're leaving really early tomorrow morning and heading into Typhoon, and then Sunday doing Animal Kingdom before we come home. Did I put "Close proximity to Disney" on my list of things that I like about FL? I should have. With such a short drive, it takes a lot of the pressure off of us, we don't feel like we have to cram everything in like you do when you vacation there. We operate at the kids pace, and if we don't get to it, we'll see it next time. On days that we go to Magic Kingdom, we normally don't even go into the park until 5 or 6. Not so with either of these parks, since they operate on daytime hours (10-6 and 9-5).

Anyhow, I planned all of this last weekend, to give us a chance to get a hotel and so that I knew how to budget the paycheck and leave us extra money to go down on. I ALSO planned this when I thought that lovely time of the month was coming right away. But, as usual, mother nature laughs in my face and AF shows up 4 days late. So now I'm headed to a water park. On the heaviest days. Isn't that fab? Ugh. On top of that, I think my whole body is literally swollen. Like BLOWN UP. This has never happened to me to my knowledge, and trust me, I think I would have noticed if something like this had happened before. I literally can NOT get my wedding rings off. They've been stuck for several days, and I'm just hoping that once this month's dose of womanly hell passes, that the stinkin rings come off. It's uncharted territory for sure. What the hell has happened to my body??

So anyway, that's my upcoming weekend in a nutshell. I'm headed to a water park, hopefully coming out on the other side of it with no embarrassing moments. Just look for me in the wave pool, I'll most likely be the one that doubles as my own inner tube :/

Yesterday was daughters program for kindergarten. I have to say that I am beyond shocked that I will soon have a first grader (school is out Wednesday). Where does the time go? It seems like she was just a little baby, my little tag along that went everywhere with me. Now she's 6, and I truly don't know how it happened. I'm looking forward to a nice family weekend, NOT answering the cell phone (my mom is really good about calling 5000000x when she knows we're out of town), and hopefully good weather- so far the forecast is rain. This will be a nice little break before husband leaves Wednesday for a trip to see his best friend (insert many comments laced with curse words and hatefulness from me here), and then 4 more days from there for work. I won't even get into that whole ordeal, it's too close to bed for me to get all stirred up. Plus I'm too excited at a chance to be a kid for two days to be bitter ;)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!


Bridgett said...

Okay, now I'm curious about the hubby's best friend thing. LOL

Have a great time on your weekend getaway! It sounds like a lot of fun.

As for the bloating...join the club. I'm going through that right now too. For me, it's not new though. I bloat up every month.

Because I'm cool like that. LOL